WWII Luftwaffe HEINKEL HE-111 B1-B2 PEDRO Bomber plastic model Aircraft 1/72

Kit# 005

During February of 1937 the first four He 111B-1's, as well as the Do 17E and Ju 86D, arrived from Hamburg. These bombers made up the "Versuchsbomberstaffel" (Experimental Bomber squadron) and operated in the K/88 bomb group. In a short time the He 111B had won a reputation as the "best of the bombers", and was separated and put into an individual sub-flight with the semi-official name "Pedro". This name would have all the planes together with individual aircraft numbers. In March 1937 the "Pedro's" achieved their first success in battle, attacking a Republican airfield near Alcals de Henares. The group destroyed 24 enemy planes on the ground. Later the "Pedro's" took part in the famous raid on Guernica, which came into history as a symbol of brutality and cruelty; more than 1500 civilians were killed. The He 111B served in the "Legion Condor" until mid-1938, when they were re-equipped with the more modern He 111E. The majority of the He 111B's were lost in action; others were withdrawn from service in connection with a considerable amount of damage.

Product Details:

- Molded in high quality plastic

- Clear parts

- Illustrated instructions

- Includes decals for two versions:

  1. He 111B-1 of 4.K/88, Spain, 1937.
  2. He 111B-1 of 1.K/88, Spain, 1937.