US M247 Sergeant York Tank Air Defense Gun System Model Kit 1/35

KIT# 35126

This model depicts the M247 Sergeant York, an ambitious self-propelled anti-aircraft gun project which the U.S. tried to develop quickly using already-existing parts. It was based upon the aging M48 Patton tank chassis, and fitted with two 40mm L/70 high velocity guns and a fire control system which was modified from that of the F-16 aircraft. The system consisted of search radar, tracking radar, low power radar finder, IFF, signal processor, computer and microwave switching system. Unfortunately, the M247 was plagued by inconsistency and poor performance, and the plug was pulled on the project in the mid-1980s with only around 50 manufactured. This model lets hobbyists recreate one of those weapons which never quite developed as its designers planned it.
    The unique appearance of the subject is accurately captured, complete with oversized turret.
    Complex areas such as the gun base and suspension are faithfully depicted. Engine compartment features excellent detailing on grilles and bolts, etc.
    The tracks are accurately rendered using plastic parts.
    Comes with a commander figure.