WWII Japanese Type I 175mm Self Propelled Gun model kit 1/35

Kit# 35095

Imperial Japanese Army self-propelled gun based on a Type 97 medium tank chassis armed with a Type 90 75mm field gun.

Kit has crisp raised and engraved exterior surface features, detailed running gear (including multi-part bogies and sprockets), vinyl track lengths, driver's compartment interior, fighting compartment interior, weapon with sliding 'recoil'  (adjustable in azimuth and elevation), open-top and rear superstructure gun shield, rear deck radiator face with louvered grille, separately molded view port shields and on-vehicle tools/equipment, tool bin and 2 crew figures (gunner and loader posed servicing the weapon).

Decals and painting guide for (4) IJA vehicles: No 370 of the Field Artillery School; No 231 of the 2nd Tank Company, 2nd Artillery Regiment, 2nd Tank Division; No 308 of the 4th Platoon, 14th Tank Regiment and No 221 of the 4th Army Technical Laboratory.