Russian JS-2 Stalin Heavy Tank ChKZ 1944 model kit 1/35

Kit# 35289

The Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 was built to overthrow the German Tiger I. The JS-2 which was put into production in the latter half of WWII in December 1943, had a long powerful 122mm gun and superior mobility. From August, 1944 the upper part of the hatch was removed from the hull which greatly improved its defensive ability. The JS-2 was produced in the Chelyabinsk Kirov factory (ChKZ), and a characteristic of the tank is it's one piece cast rounded front. The JS-2 showed great strength in the break through of defensive positions but also in anti-tank battles. The Russian tank JS-2 played a major part which contributed to the victory of the end of the Great War.

★Gun Turret and Tank body have a realistic cast metal surface affect. 

★The engine intake grill has etching parts which give a sharp finish. 

★The Caterpillar tread comes in two kinds, belt type and connection assembling type. 

★Comes with 4 kinds of markings belonging to Russia, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. 

         Russian 7th Independent Guard Heavy Tank Brigade April, 1945 Berlin

         Czechoslovakian 1st Armored Brigade May, 1945 Prague

         Russian 88th Independent Guard Heavy Tank Regiment April, 1945 Berlin

         Polish 4th Heavy Tank Regiment April, 1945 Germany