V-2 Rocket MeillerWagen Hanomag SS100 Transporter Truck model kit 1/35

KIT# 2030          

V-2 was the world's first long-range guided ballistic missile. (Kit has multi-part rocket with engraved panel lines, photoetch and stand). Meillerwagen was a German World War II trailer used to transport a V-2 rocket from the 'transloading point' of the Technical Troop Area to the 'launching point', to erect the missile on the Brennstand firing stand and to act as the service gantry for fueling and launch preparation. 


Kit has multi-part frame with exterior detail, detailed suspension with rubber tires. 

Decals and painting reference for (6) V-2 + Transporter: Holland 1944; Test Scheme 2, June 1943; (x2) October 3, 1942 Peenemunden; Field Test, Fall 1943, Spring 1944; Test Scheme 1, Summer 1943)


Hanomag SS-100 tractor was a civilian vehicle that was pressed into military service. 


Kit features multi-part frame, detailed interior (bench seats front and back, steering and dash board), separate doors and inner doors (open/closed), full piece cab top, full piece hood, rear storage box, detailed (radiator face, engine, transmission, gas tanks and exhaust system), driveline with rubber tires (workable) and spare with brackets), clear accents (lights, windshield/windows)). 

Decals and color markings for (4) vehicles: Decals and color markings for (4) vehicles: Belgium, 1944; Tempelhof, 1942 Berlin; Peenemunde, 1943 and Mittelwerk, 1945 Nordhausen, Germany - includes dash gauges.