Star Trek The Deep Space Nine: Cardassian Galor Class Ship model kit 1/750

Kit# 1028

Featured in both Star Trek: The Next generation and Star trek: Deep Space Nine, the Cardassian Galor-class was the workhorse of the Cardassian Union through three wars. As a standard, the vessel was armed with numerous spiral wave disruptors and one heavy disruptor cannon with engines capable of warp factor 9.6. 

This AMT plastic model kit provides the builder with every detail of the adversary ship. It is authentic in detailing and proportion and supplies opportunity for lighting by experienced modelers (lightup elements not included). It includes logo and window decals along with a base featuring a metal support tube and pictorial assembly instructions.

• Key enemy ship from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

• Cardassian logo base features metal support rod

• Injected in white plastic with revised clear parts for ease of lighting •

• 16 ½” long