Renwal M42 Duster Twin Forty Bofors guns tank model kit  1/32

Kit# 7822

Re-issue of the original Renwal Blueprint Models  from the 60's

Length: 7-1/16"
Width: 4-1/4"
Height: 5-1/4"
Parts: 175
Produced from 1952-1959 as anti-aircraft artillery, the twin 40mm Bofors guns of the M42 "Duster" were designed to sweep aircraft out of the sky. With the advent of jet engines, however, it became increasingly difficult to down planes. So the army did what it does best, it improvised. On the battlefields of Vietnam, the Duster was pressed into a point-defense role. Few enemies wanted to confront the awesome firepower of the Duster which could fire 240 40mm shells every minute.

Kit features five figures, interior detail, storage bins, and tool pack.