Trabant 601S Universal 25th Anniversary Edition Model Kit  1/24

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Like its West German counterpart the Volkswagen Beetle, the Trabant has also received a legendary reputation as a vehicle for the masses. The 601 in particular - the third and most built model in the Trabant series has long since been elevated to cult status. Mass production of a three-door estate car version of the 601 designated the Universal was launched in 1965. This vehicle also had body panels made of Duroplast developed in the body shop in Merane. For reasons of cost the easy to maintain Universal was also technically identical to the saloon. Over 500,000 units were built. It was also powered by an air-cooled two-cylinder two-stroke engine displacing 600 cc and producing the distinctive two-stroke sound.
With 17 kW and from 1969 with 26 bhp the engines power rating also corresponded to that of the saloon. Particularly noteworthy was the space in the boot which by folding down the rear seat grew from 450 to an impressive 1400 litres. It had easy access for loading due to its lifting tailgate. An exceptionally rare Trabant was created in October 2014. To mark the 25th anniversary of German reunification, artists from the Leipzig Graffiti Association decorated the car with scenes depicting the Fall of the Wall . This unique, roadworthy piece of art on four wheels was auctioned off at the end of October 2014 in favour of the German Children's Cancer Aid charity, which campaigns for the fight against cancer in children.

The kit includes a decal set with the unique 25 years Fall of the Wall motive for decoration.
    Original bodywork reproduction with fine surface details
    Separate, moveable bonnet
    Multi-part, detailed engine
    Separate Exhaust System
    Detailed interior with instrument panel, seats with headrests and rigid rear seat
    Moveable wheels
    Faithfully reproduced wheel rims and removable spare wheel
    Opening boot lid and removable rear shelf
    Detailed Chassis
    Reproduction rubber tyres and spare wheel
    Instruction sheet and authentic decal set with various registration numbers (GDR, CS, PL, HUN, A, D)