Kit# 4681

 The Tornado ECR is one of the most effective NATO weapons systems for electronic combat and reconnaissance. By 1985 the concept had been created for the Tornado ECR, which differs essentially from the normal fighter/bomber, and has been flown by 1 Squadron JaboG 32 since May 1991. Compared with the fighter/bomber version, the Tornado ECR was equipped with additional systems and sensors to enable it to undertake its missions in the field of electronic combat and tactical reconnaissance. The ELS (Emitter Locator System) as a passive sensor can detect, identify and locate radar equipment. To attack the targets the weapons system is armed with the AGM 88 B "HARM" guided missile. Since 1996, 1 Squadron has been a fully active member of the NATO Tiger Association and has continued to provide impressive proof of its flying performance and commitment at various TigerMeets. Another sign of extremely high commitment to the Tiger Association is the ever more ingenious special liveries that are applied by the squadron by their own painstaking efforts to impress their image on the public at each meet. The motto of the TigerMeet 2007 in Orland, Norway was Arctic Tiger. The idea originated from the designer A. Kerner. The fuselage was totally covered with tiger stripes and the vertical tail surfaces received more lavishly detailed airbrush work.

Key Features
- ECR accessories: ELS sensor, cannon end caps
- 2 HARM guided missiles plus pylons
- 2 sidewinder missiles
- 1 ECM pod
- 2 auxiliary tanks
- Recessed panel lines and authentic surface features
- Detailed cockpit with finely engraved instrument panels
- Detailed ejector seats with many features
- Radar section optionally open or closed
- Detailed radar equipment
- Detailed landing gear and bays
- Landing gear optionally extended or retracted
- Movable swing wings
- Movable tail stabilizers
- Detailed engine exhaust nozzle
- Separate air brake flaps, optionally open
- Separate transparent parts for navigation lights
- In-flight refuelling probe optionally extended or retracted
- Super decals sheets with markings for maintenance and identification of JaboG 32, Lechfeld
Parts: 257