West German SPz Marder 1 A5 Infantry Support Vehicle  Model Kit 1/35

Kit# 3092 

Germany's Marder I A5 infantry fighting vehicle continues the long line of Marder Is, which have been in service since 1971. A5 designers used existing A3s as their template, adding more resilient anti-mine armor and a completely remodeled interior.

Kit features authentically reproduced surfaces, a traversing turret, mobile guns, a replica Milan launcher with MIRA night vision device, pivoting road wheels with an additional carrier roller and new suspensions, an armored bottom, three additional external storage bins, a smoke generator, wide vinyl tracks and decals with four different marking options.

          Authentic reproduction of the finest surface details
          Traversing turret
          Mobile guns
          Perfect reproduction of the Milan launcher, with MIRA night vision device
          New position of the smoke generator
          3 additional external storage bins
          New track skirt
          New easy-to-build vinyl sider tracks
          Pivoting road wheels with additional carrier roller and new suspension
          Armoured bottom
          Waterslide decals
          Illustrated instructions

1) 3./PzGrenBtl 212, Augustdorf, 2005
2) ISAF Afghanistan, 2010
3) KFOR, Prisren Koxovo, 2007