Star Trek TOS USS Enterprise Space Seed edition model kit 1/1000

Kit# 908                                           
Star Trek U. S. S. Enterprise "Space Seed" Edition In the classic STAR TREK episode, "Space Seed," The U. S. S. Enterprise found a derelict space ship registered as the S. S. Botany Bay. Khan Noonien Shingh, a super-powered tyrant of audaciously attempt to seize control of the Enterprise. Only through guile and bravery was Captain Kirk able to triumph over the foe and save Khan on Ceti Alpha V where he would wait 18 long years before a chance encounter gained him a second opportunity to meet out his wrath on Kirk. This model kit celebrates the classic Star Trek episode by offering the U. S. S. Enterprise along with the S. S. Botany Bay for the first time. Optional parts are included to build the Enterprise in one of three configurations. Marking decals, pictorial assembly guide and dome base all included.

    Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in grey and rust
    Snap assembly, no glue or paint required
    Based on classic Star Trek episode: The Space Seed
    NEW SS Botany Bay included
    Dome base
    Waterslide decals
    Illustrated instructions