Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper 35th Anniv. Plastic Model Kit 1/32
ITEM# 940
25th Anniversary Bonus Ralp McQuarrie Art Print!
    Highly detailed plastic molded in white and clear
    Identical in size to the original shooting miniatures used to create the effects for the original television show
    Optional Landing Gear
    Display base
    Waterslide decals
    Illustrated instructions
    Scale: 1/32
    Length: 11-3/4" (298.45mm)

The Colonial Viper is the standard workhorse fighter craft of the Colonial Fleet. This single-pilot craft features a distinctive tri-fin design, and is equipped with two forward mounted laser-torpedo guns as well as a unique turbo blast feature capable of bursts of extreme acceleration. while primarily designed for long range space flight, the Viper is capable of atmospheric flight as well.