US Coast Guard Cape-Class Patrol Boat model kit 1/82

Kit# 216

The USCG Cape-class patrol boats were 95-foot steel hull patrol boats with aluminum superstructures. They were built in the 1950s and served until the 1980s and were unnamed until 1964, when they acquired names of US capes of land. Originally designed for anti-submarine warfare, all 36 boats in this class were built at the United States Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, Maryland. The Cape-class cutters were equipped as coastal sub-chasers, with a forward-firing “Mousetrap” ASW weapon and depth charge racks aft. There were three sub-classes or types that evolved as missions for the boat changed. The Type A was outfitted primarily for ASW, Type B was Search and Rescue (SAR) and Type C was more commercial in use. The paint scheme with the Coast Guard “racing stripe” wasn’t introduced until the 1964 when the ships were named. Prior to 1964 the hull was white with just the registry numbers on the side.

kit is very detailed and includes updated set of decals for four different versions