Hawk Lockheed U-2C Spyplane  Model Kit 1/48

Kit# 421

The Lockheed U-2 was originally developed from one of the Starfighter prototypes, with a shorter fuselage and an extremely wide wing span. The design was later changed but the typical Starfighter cockpit and air intakes are easily recognized. In July 1955 the first prototype was test flown and it was quickly put into service.

 When Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union May 1st, 1960 and the reds made it publicly known that CIA had violated their airspace the U-2 became THE spy plane. By that time the U-2 had received more electronics and the A had been replaced by the U-2C with larger air intakes and a more powerful jet engine.

 In the late sixties Lockheed the U-2R, R for revised, was developed, this was an altogether new and larger airplane.

- Detailed cockpit
-  2 pilot figures
-  Molded in black
-  Detailed landing gear
-  Optional Pylons and Slipper Drop Tanks
-  Decals by Cartograph for 5 versions

-  Includes ground handling cart and pogo struts