North F-86D Sabre Dog model kit 1/32
North F-86D Sabre Dog model kit 1/32 North F-86D Sabre Dog model kit 1/32 North F-86D Sabre Dog model kit 1/32

Kit# 32007

During the late 1940s, North American Aviation developed what would become the best dogfighter of the day with the F-86 Sabre. Initially the XP-86 had straight wings which would have doomed the design, but North American was provided captured Messerschmitt Me 262 data which gave the engineering team a jump-start on successful swept-wing technology. A highly modified F-86 design would serve aboard aircraft carriers as the FJ Fury and would evolve into the first operational supersonic fighter as the F-100.

As the F-86 was evolving, North American was tasked with another derivative which would house an early intercept radar in the nose and replace the .50 caliber guns with a tray of Mighty Mouse rockets. The resulting YF-95 was an enlarged F-86 airframe that would also introduce an augmented thrust J47 engine to compensate for the heavier aircraft. Redesignated as F-86D in production, the Dog Sabre would become the first single-seat interceptor with afterburner. Over 2,500 F-86D/K/Ls were produced and served not only in the U.S. Air Force, but also in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, Venezuela, and Yugoslavia.

Nicely detailed ejection seat w/photo-etched restraints

Detailed cockpit

Positionable canopy

Choice of two types of main wheels

Positionable ventral rocket tray

Full length intake duct ends at engine compressor face

Very nicely detailed J47 engine that won't be seen after assembly

Positionable radome with APG-36 radar dish inside

Leading edge slats are extended (can be retracted by removing tracks)

Positionable trailing edge flaps

Positionable ailerons

Positionable rudder

Positionable speed brakes

    External stores:

2 x AIM-9B Sidewinder

2 x external fuel tanks

    Markings are included for four options:

F-86D-55-NA, 53-0644, 82 FIS, USAF

F-86D-35-NA, 51-6171, 325 FIS, USAF

F-86D-40-NA, 52-3854, 181 FIS, TX ANG

F-86D, 84-8120, JASDF

F-86D, 210011, ROKAF

F-86D-35-NA, 51-6245, ROCAF

The decal set provides maintenance stenciling for the airframe as well as all of the distinctive markings.