German 18 ton Heavy Half-Track "Famo"  Model Kit 1/35

Kit# 35239

After securing an area, reinforcing divisions could easily send inoperative vehicles back to the homeland for repair via railway. However, in the seesaw battles with the British Army in North Africa and against the Russian Army on the Russian front, the quick replenishment of tank strength became an indispensable element of Wehrmacht battle strategy. The utilization of the 18 ton Heavy Half-Track "Famo" proved fundamental to this strategy. 
 The 18 ton half track was mainly developed for the towing of 21cm and 24cm artillery howitzer and of course for tank recovery. It could also be used for the transport of over 30 troops.

Highly detailed model captures the size and tank-towing power of the FAMO. 

Realistic treads and suspension. 

Synthetic rubber front tires and steerable front wheels for maximum realism. 

Rear gate and storage doors can be assembled in the open or closed position. 

Tank towing drawbar included. 

Can be assembled with or without engine side panels, revealing fully detailed engine. 

Engine can be assembled outside of FAMO. 

Eight figures (four variations) included.