US Navy EA-18G Growler fighter aircraft model kit 1/72

Kit# 5035

With the need to replace the Navy's EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare platform looming ever larger on the horizon, Boeing proposed a version of the F/A-18F Super Hornet as a candidate to assume the duties currently performed by that jet. The new proposal, dubbed the EA-18G adds the Prowler's EW capability to the Super Hornet through new wingtip pods, and some additional lumps and bumps on the fuselage. 

Kit is configured by starting with an FA-18F and include three newly-tooled parts trees, new decals, and a new supplemental instruction page. Using these new parts and decals, one can build an accurate replica of the EA-18G demonstrator aircraft. The new trees consist of one containing the wingtip pods for the ALQ-218 system and a pair of AGM-88 HARMs (the launchers for which are included as part of the standard base kit), and two copies of a tree that has a pair of ALQ-99 jamming pods with high-band radomes for a total of 4 ALQ-99 pods. The ALQ-218 pods, when assembled, replace the wingtip missile rails.