Robotic Swimming Dolphin

Item # 70224

Underwater Fun!
This assembly kit creates a dolphin which swims forward thanks to the beating movement of a tail-shaped piece. Powered via cranks by an underwater gearbox, the movement of the soft resin sheet tail makes for a swimming motion that looks just like a real dolphin! This easy-to-assemble kit includes underwater gearbox, float and soft resin sheet parts.

Turn Up the Enjoyment
Changing the float angle allows the model to turn in a circle, letting you play in smaller areas. Altering the crank base positions lets you make changes to the model's speed and swimming style.

★Approx. length: 180mm

★Set includes underwater gearbox, motor, resin body and dorsal fin sheets, plus float.

★One R03/AAA/UM4 battery can give approximately 2.5 hours of fun!