F-86E Sabre Jet Aircraft fighter model kit 1/48
F-86E Sabre Jet Aircraft fighter model kit 1/48 F-86E Sabre Jet Aircraft fighter model kit 1/48

Kit# 2636

The Sabre day fighter version’s biggest claim to fame is its success versus the MiG-15 in the hands of USAF pilots of the 4th FIW and 51st FIW during the Korean War, where it also served late in the war as a fighter bomber (and MiG-15 beater) with the 8th FBW (including 2 Squadron SAAF), and the 18th FBW.  In addition to North American Aviation production, similar Sabre day fighter versions were built in sizeable numbers by Canadair of Candad and by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan (Australian built day Sabres were Avon engine powered and had a deeper, larger fuselage and other differences). In total, at least 35 nations around the globe operated one or more versions of day fighter Sabres during its operational history. 

Markings for:

1) F-86E-10 FU-767 / 51-2767 “The Chopper”, USAF 336 FIS/4 FIW, flown by Major Felix Asla, Jr., K-14, Korea 1952, includes a smiling shark mouth and kill/mission marking

 2) F-86A-5 FU-175 / 49-1175 “Peg “O” My Heart/Tiger Shark”, USAF 336 FIS/4 FIW, flown by an unknown pilot, Kimpo, Korea 1952, includes a shark mouth and kill/mission markings

 3) F-86F-30 604/Black K “BEVKENEVE”, of SAAF No. 2 Squadron, Korea 1952, in NMF with black edged yellow ID bands.

 4) Sabre Mk. 4 XB891, Grey Q, of RAF No. 4 Squadron, in European camo colors, Jever, 1956.

 5) Sabre Mk. 6 23679, AX * 679, of RCAF 421 “Red Indian” Squadron, RCAF 2 Wing, Grostenquin, France, 1957, in European camo colors.

6) Sabre Mk. 6 JA-111, JG71 “Richtofen” of the new Luftwaffe (initially commanded by Major Eric Hartmann, top scoring fighter pilot of all time), 711 Staffel, Oldenburg, 1957, in NMF. JG71 applied a variation of Hartmann’s famous Black Tulip markings to the nose and vertical tail of its aircraft.