British Main Battle Tank Challenger 1 (Mk.3) Plastic model kit 1/35

Kit# 35154

  Great Britian has a long and interesting history of armored vehicle use and development. In fact, they coined the term "TANK" for such weapons, and are known as well, for their superb designs. Their latest version of the Challenger Main Battle Tank is regarded as one of the most advanced armored fighting vehicles in service in the world today. Modern technology has enabled several outstanding improvements in its firepower, crew protection, and mobility, to meet the demands of today's battle conditions.

FEATURES Detailed plastic parts attached to sprues and molded in light brown and black. Complete exterior detailing. Includes two realistic figures. Nylon mesh for stowage bin detail. Accurate plastic tracks. Armor plating included. Jerry cans and water cans included. Smoke discharger included. Waterslide decals.