TV STAR TREK Exploration Set Phaser, Tricorder, Communicator model kit 1/2

Kit# 848              ON SALE!!                   LIST PRICE: 28.75 USD

At long last, AMT re-issues the classic STAR TREK kit of the Exploration Set. STAR TREK modelers fondly remember this set of miniature props that features the iconic Phaser pistol, the all-purpose Tricorder hand-held computer and the precursor to the modern cell phone, the Communicator. These items were made famous by the use of Captain Kirk and crew throughout the run of the classic television program. This kit includes pictorial assembly instructions and a re-mastered decal sheet.

  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • Molded in black
    • Fan requested kit
    • First re-issue since 1975
    • Set of three miniature STAR TREK props: Phaser, Communicator, Tricorder
    • Includes updated decal sheet