1969 TeeVee Dune Buggy 3 in 1 model kit 1/25
Kit# 907     ON SALE!!     LIST PRICE: 30.00 USD

For the first time in 40 years, AMT’s TeeVee Dune Buggy will be available again! This rare and coveted kit is loaded with building options and extra Retro Deluxe goodies like tinted windows, expanded decals and molded-in-color plastic for less painting. 

• Optional rear tires – dune or street

• Build in Street, Dune Buggy or bodiless Sand-hopper versions

• Molded in red / one Katch The Kat kit in every case molded in metallic see-thru blue

• Expanded original decal graphics

• Windows: both clear and psychedelic yellow-tinted versions

• Full Retro Deluxe vintage packaging